WowWee Alive Lion Cub


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wowweeWowwee Alive is another of the toy games in the soft toys and games clan.

Often, with a robotic toy you associate a certain amount of mechanical touch to the proceedings. With the WowWee Alive Lion Cub, I realized that here is a product that will get your kid interactive at all times. Kids do get excited at times when they see cute lion cubs, and I would recommend buying this product for your kid to have him enjoy playing with a Lion Cub. And this Lion Cub speaks and blinks too! You do not need a better gift than this for your 3-year old as a Christmas Gift.

Product Description

The WowWee Alive Lion Cub is an ‘alive’ lion cub toy game that is not too furry. It has a motor, a speaker, a tilt tensor and 2 touch sensors on the head and the back. The cub purrs and mews when your kid pets him. Leave the cub alone for some minutes and he would go to sleep. The cub that is! Have your kid hugging the lion cub, as this one is definitely longing for one. Pick him by his neck, and he would pretend going limp. The fur is realistic and not made of anything that could cause allergies to kids.


  • You would never have cuddled a wild lion cub. Here is your chance to do it!
  • Very cuddly and a realistic fur ensures your kid does not get allergies.


  • Do not play with the WowWee for a long time. It could burn the motor off.
  • At times, WowWee makes some robotic noises, which could be irritating for your kid.


Best Price $49.97


Customer Reviews

Wonderful - my son loves it!
By I Mihaljevic

This is a great toy, and my son is crazy about it. The unusual thing is that it is so life like and yet so cuddly at the same time. My son feels like he has a real pet, and there is no upkeep or feeding!

Even older kids find it entertaining
By Britt Brown

I'm 19 and when I saw it on TV it was very interesting. I understand it's a toy for younger children, but it is kind of fragile (dropping it once can really screw with the face mechinisms)[..]. Personaly I woulden't buy this toy online because I had to go to several stores to find a model that didn't look broken or poorly made. If you get a good one though, it's extremely cute and interesting to watch. Besides the robot noises it has the facial expressions of a real lion, right down to the bottom eyelid closing before the top. My friends and I occasionaly find ourselves talking to it as if it were a real cat. So overall it's a really cool toy. But don't bother buying it unless your kid is really into lions or robots in general, or you have a lot of money to throw around.

The toy of the 21st Century
By William Dalton

I am so in love with this baby alive lion cub. I bought one for each of my children, ages 2 and 5. Boys and girls alike will love this toy. You won't believe how interactive it is. They are also very realistic. It is like having a pet you don't have to feed. The one fault these toys have is they don't walk or anything. If wowee could come out with an updated version that actually walked I would be in heaven.


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