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u-danceEven if you cannot get your child to dance to some foot-tapping numbers, no problem at all – Get him playing U-Dance, a proprietary game that has competed well with Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution. I thoroughly recommend this product for kids in the age group of 10 and above, as they would be the ones who can understand music well and be able to enjoy this game. With that being said, you could also entertain small kids as well with this game.

Product Description

U-Dance is a proprietary Dance Game, which has 12 song tracks to which your kid could dance to.  This allows kids or other users to get a wireless free dance experience. You would observe the removal of the dance mat in this game. The scoring point of this product is the set itself. You would get a motion tower, motion tags and AV Cables along with the game set itself!


  • Get your kid to jump off the crouch and practice some dance moves.
  • Dancing could be news to your kid, but with U-Dance you would find that even with two left-feet, you could have your kid swaying to some classics.
  • Affordably priced considering the game features are a touch complex.


  • At the start, your kid may have some difficulty adjusting to the game. At this time, I would have liked the game to have an extended warm-up session than what it is now.
  • I think the game features could have been made even simpler. As of now, you would find the dance mat taken away, which simplifies the game anyways, but there is scope of improvement here.


Best Price $68.32


Customer Reviews

I Dance...U Dance too!!! lol
By Music Fan

Ok, first off let me say, thanks to Hasbro because I don't have a lot of money to buy a Nintendo Wii! So this is sooo great. I'm a huge fan of Dance Dance Revolution, so this was right up my alley! U Dance is sooo fun and user friendly lol I got it last night at target for 74.99. I mean come on...whats 10cents? Anyhoo, my friends were with me and I hooked up to my TV, we were laughing and making fun of each other, because we looked crazy but it was soooo much fun!!

Also, I saw Chris Brown advertise this on The Ellen Degeneres show and I immediately fell in love because I haven't the money for a Wii yet. So thanks to Chris Brown too! His 'Run It' song is on there as well as Rihanna's 'Please Don't Stop the Music'. Balls of fun people!!

The music is up to date, a bit, but then there's some old school MC Hammer "Can't Touch This' and Jackson 5 'ABC' on there, I'm 21 by the way and I can recall all the music on there. I recommend this, simply because it's fun, my friends and I were hanging out and having fun, plus all 3 of us worked up a sweat!!! lol It was great.

If I'm wrong someone tell me I'm wrong...but I know I'm right...this game rocks my socks!! lol BUY IT!! What's a little splurge in life...lol

U-Dance Rocks
By San Francisco Dad

This game rocks. It tracks your feet like magic--however you move, that's what you see on the screen. The dancing starts easy, and gets really tough on the hard levels. It really gets you dancing, even someone like me who can't dance at all. We've tried Dance Dance Revolution, but that doesn't feel at ALL like dancing, this one really does feel like dancing. You actually need to sweep your feet, jump, cross...My 7 year old loves it, and it's also really great exercise, it got me sweating. Even my 4 year old can play one of the games that comes with it (the funny lizard one). The song selection is great too--there are new songs I don't know (yes, I'm a Dad), but some great older songs like ABC (Jackson 5). I would never spend the money on a Wii, but this is totally worth it. It takes a little bit to really get used to the menus, but once you do it's totally intuitive. When we hit the rainy season, this is going to be a great way to keep the kids exercising (without them knowing it...)


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