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Toro Ultra 12 Amp Variable Speed Electric BlowerIs your place surrounded by maples and oaks? Are you facing the problem of tree litter in your lawn? Then purchasing Toro Ultra 12 Amp Variable Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum With Metal Impeller is advisable as it can really help you for every clean up job. This blower is not like a gas blower which requires lots of maintenance and is not eco-friendly. The gas blowers can also cause lot of noise pollution and may even cause problems for the people to carry it. Toro Ultra 12 Amp Variable Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum With Metal Impeller is very effective and it really makes the cleaning work very easy. Purchasing this device is highly recommended as it has a great ergonomic design which makes the tool more effective, lighter, quieter etc.

Product description

Toro Ultra is a very powerful 3 in 1 blower, vacuum and leaf shredder which makes it a very effective tool. This tool can be used by the people for all kinds of cleaning activities. Toro ultra is an electric blower which is very easy to carry as it weighs around 7.5 pounds. Toro ultra is not subjected to create any noise pollution and it is also known as an eco-friendly device. The 12 Amp motor in this device helps the person to select the speed as per his/her wish between 112 mph and 235 mph. Therefore it enables the person to clean any kind of surface very easily and without making any kind of mess while cleaning the place. This device is a well engineered device which has an ability to balance the air speed and air volume which gives the device maximum power. This helps the device to give a high performance which allows cleaning or moving enough quantity of leaves and trash easily.  Toro ultra requires lesser maintenance as compared to gas blowers and hence is considered to be superior.

 Toro ultra is not like a gas device and hence starting it up is very easy without the need to master the pull chord. People also do not have to deal with the mixture of any messy gas-oil and also the toxic fumes for their daily clean-up-chore. As the toro ultra is not a gas device people don’t have to purchase the costly gas-oil. Even storing of such inflammable gas-oil can be risky when the person owns a gas blower, but as toro ultra is an electric blower there is no such problem associated with it.

The metal impeller of the device contains a magnesium serrated metal blades which shreds the leaves into mulch. This metal shredder has the capacity to reduce 16 bags of leafs or other debris into a single bag.  Converting this device from blower to vacuum is also very easy and convenient because of the quick easy latch and thus the person doesn’t require using any kind of tool to convert the same.

People can avail a 2 years warranty with the purchase of this device and it comes with a 12 Amp power unit, blower tubes, vacuum tubes and bags etc.


  • Lighter, quieter, easy to carry
  • Eco-friendly device
  • No problem of any gas/oil
  • Much powerful and effective
  • Easy to start
  • Well designed
  • Requires less maintenance


  • A bit expensive


Best Price $62.99


Customer Reviews

The best (period)
By B. Mayer

This blower/vac is the best lawn tool I have ever purchased. To think I used to rake my leaves! I live in an established neighborhood with huge maples and oaks that produce large amounts of tree-litter and a small to moderately sized yard (~6000 sq/ft total(?)). Dragging a cord around is not that much of a hassle for me, and it is well worth the power to weight and noise ratio this blower has (not to mention its lack of required maintenence). In fact, it is more powerful and quieter than most gas-powered blowers, most of which do not vac. (Plus, your neighbors may appreciate is lack of air and relative noise pollution).

The metal impeller in this model was the selling point for me and I was not disappointed. It sucks up twigs and bits of mulch without worry. In fact, the continuously adjustable suction allows you to suck up leaves over mulched areas. Pinecones and hidden rocks also will not terribly damage the metal impeller.

CONS: Leaf duty is still a pain, but I have not discovered a more useful tool to help you with it under $100. There are cheaper blowers out there, but I would be weary of purchasing one for anything but the most lightweight tasks (blowing grass off a sidewalk). It has a cord, but in every other way it is superior to gas blowers for about the same price or lower.

Tora Ultra: More than satisfied.
By T. Schindler

Having used a Toro blower before, I was not concerned about its ability to move leaves. What I wasn't sure about was the mulcher. For our acre lot with some 20 or more 100-year-old maples, it was either the mulcher worked or I would be spending a lot more on a garden tractor with a bag unit. Fortunately, the Toro mulcher has more than met my expectations. I blow the leaves into rows for mulching and fill the 13 gal. bag in two to three minutes. I get four bags in each of two 32 gal. plastic garbage cans that are hauled off to a compost pile. I've been forced by weather to do wet leaves but it is far better to do them dry. $65 vs. $2,000; now that's a very satisfying no-brainer!

Makes cleaning up leaves...kinda fun actually
By R. Liddell

I bought a Troy-Bilt blower/vac and it started on fire after the first 15 minutes, which is always a little bit of a letdown, to say the least. That was my first foray into the world of blower/vacs, so needless to say I was a little apprehensive to buy another one. This Toro model is as awesome as the Troy-Bilt was crappy. I don't want to use the blower, I just need it to suck up leaves in my garden where a convential rake isn't a good idea. I think the vacuum works great -- it chews up big, thick magnolia leaves like nothing, and the fully adjustable speed control is much better than something that is either on, off, or maybe offers just two speeds. This one is great so far!


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