Spike the Ultra Dinosaur


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spikeThe Imaginext dinosaur is one fearsome product for some, but in terms of attractiveness in what it does for your kid, this certainly is one product no kid would like to stay away from for a long time.

Get the green bodied beauty to walk all quarters of earth, literally speaking. All you have to do is make small modifications to the unit. The presence of a wireless remote makes it very easy for your kid to play around with this gift item. Watch your kid just press some buttons and he will scream in glee seeing the dinosaur move around!

Product Description

A yellow underbelly, gnarly teeth and a tail that will wag on your remote directions, this 27-inch monster at that will get your kid screaming with delight, and sometimes with fear! The kit has an NIMH rechargeable battery. Be sure to set this up by charging it before your kids get to play with this. In terms of setting up this unit, it is not very tough with a well described instructions manual. Assembling this piece could be a challenge, which you could overcome rather easily by completely understanding the product manual. The product manual is exhaustive and simple to read.


  • Wireless remote making it for an easy operation. Ask your kid to press any button on the remote, and you could get the dinosaur moving.
  • A rather robust looking toy item that makes your kid feel like he is playing with a real dinosaur.


  • At times, kids to get scared of this imposing figure of dinosaur.
  • Imaginext can work only if the three AA batteries required for its operation are fully working. With this kit, you would note the absence of these batteries, which makes it intriguing to understand.


Best Price $129.88


Customer Reviews

Simply incredible!
By W Trent

yes it's expensive, but my 4 yr old girl loves dinos. it is very interactive, it has a sense of humor and HUGE! if you have a dino loving kid and don't mind the cost, it's really a cool toy, also we don't live in an area that would stock a toy this pricey so ordering it online we saved and got an awesome toy. shouldn't be missed for dino lovers!

This Year's HOT TOY For The Holidays!!,
By Guilliam

We purchased this toy for our son for his 6th birthday and it was the hit of the party!! It's very easy to use and is truely amazing! It walks, burps, growls, sniffs, throws the included rock, and more!! I'm predicting it will be THE HOT TOY for the 2009 Holiday Season! So buy it early! Also, Amazon's price is the best to be found!

Love It
By William Dalton

My daughter has a friend who has a six year old son. His birthday is coming up and my daughter asked me what he would like as a gift. I happened to be in a store and I saw Spike on display. The little boy has had a difficult life so I did not think twice about shelling out the $130 for Spike. I know my daughter's friend's six year old son will love Spike. The only problem is I took it out of the box to assemble it and to charge the batteries.....I've been playing with it for an hour.....the kid's not getting it.....it's mine! I love it and I'm 62 years old!
PS my childhood buddy who is a local dentist happened to stop by my home. I showed him Spike and he flew out of my house to go purchase a Spike for his 5 year grandson for Christmas....I hope my buddy gives it to his grandson!


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