Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX


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power wheelsSurely, your kid will not be able drive a full fledged motor car as yet, but you could definitely have him zip around the lawns of your home in the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX Ninja Ultimate Terrain Traction. The unusually long name is where the unusual things about this product stop. From away from the Television set anyways.

Product Description

Known as a baby car or a toy car, a kid while driving this car gets the feeling that he is indeed participating in a 500 CC race! Sporty kids can get the ultimate feeling of enjoying some of the best cycle or car racing action, in their own backyards. This Kawasaki model is good enough to counter any conditions thrown at them – Including ruts, wet grass and gravel. Buying this product, you would get a stylish and aggressive piece in your hands that will have Lock-out system, wheel package, colored shock boot covers, high volt battery, 13 ½ inch tires and many more. Honestly, you could not have asked for more out of your power car!


  • Driving this car, kids will be able to boost their physical activity levels.
  • One of the best avenues for your kid to enjoy adventure sporting.
  • The wheels and tires promote aggressive riding, but beginners need to be careful.


  • Take some time in assembling the package to get your car suitable for driving by kids.
  • Be careful while driving in bumpy conditions especially, because at times you would find that the car overturns in bumpy conditions.
  • This car does not have an off-switch, which could often result in your battery getting wasted.


Best Price $179.97


Customer Reviews

Serenity loves it
By David Rosa

My daughter really likes to drive it while we walk around the neighborhood. Arrived fast and in good condition, very satisfied.

Great--A lot of fun!
By Swan

This is so much fun. Not only does my 4 y.o. love it but so does the whole neighborhood, including myself. It is awesome and sooo much fun. And very durable too!! One of the best buys we ever made!

By J E Digan

We ordered this on Sunday and it was delivered on Tuesday! It took maybe 20 minutes to assemble. Very easy.
My grandson will turn 3 in 3 weeks. He rode this the first try like a pro. Grass was wet and this was no problem. My only change would be an off switch. Other than that its great.


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