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Pet Nail Grooming Rotary Tool | PETICURE Petite Pet Nail Trimmer

pet nail groomingThe Dremel 761-03 7,000/14,000 RPM Cordless Pet Nail Grooming Rotary Tool is a fantastic tool for all dog lovers, not only will it make the job of cutting/grooming nails so much easier for us humans who care for our dog, and of course the most important aspect here is that the dog should enjoy the time you spend carrying for it.

This is a really power tool that all pet lovers should have in their arsenal of pet carrying equipment. The dog will love it and you will love it.

Product Description

The rotary action of this tool comfortably, and safely, trims your pets nails. 6,000/12,000 RPM, 6 volts of power. Two speeds for light duty precision jobs. Operates on 4 AA batteries (not included). Includes Dremel unit, one 1/4 in. sanding drum, and four 1/4 in. coarse (60-grit) sanding sleeves.

Made out of lightweight plastic casing, and includes 5 grinding drums and wrench for changing.


  • Quick and easy way to trim pet's nails with rotary action
  • Easy to carry and easy to use.
  • 1 pound; 2-year warranty


  • Lacks the ½-inch drum for larger dogs
  • Batteries not included


Best Price $21.88


Customer Reviews

This is the safest and least traumatic for dogs!
By Bad Habit

This tool is the best for dogs nails. I've trimmed/done my dogs nails with it about 10 times. It's quiet for a tool so as not to freak out dogs. After two times she(My shelty) got used to it and now doesn't mind having her nails done at all. While sitting on the floor, I flip her on her back between my legs and grab one foot at a time and do them. Unlike conventional clippers or guillotine shears, which can cut through the quick and hurt the dog and make them bleed, the Dremel quickly sands the nail back and if you hit the quick, it doesn't cut it, it's just like rubbing an emory board on your skin. The manual shows the basic technique and shape for sanding the nails. Using this sanding technique also prevents sharp edges on the nail which can snag clothing. It also prevents split nails unlike conventional clippers. This is one of the best new gadgets for pets in a long time and the benefits are so obvious! I'm buying a couple as gifts for Christmas and telling all my dog friends about this tool!

What a great product!
By B Weasner

This product has made my life so much easier! I have two Corgi mixes and both have dark nails...this is a nightmare when trying to use conventional clippers! I really never cut their nails down out of fear of catching the quick. With this Dremel tool, there is no real danger of hurting my dogs! I can shave the nails down quickly and when I start approaching the quick, they give me a little nudge to tell me that's far enough! The tool is so quiet it doesn't stress my dogs and it's lightweight, making it easy to file nails. The cost is the same as three trips to the groomer, so you can't go wrong there!

By Donald A Brodzik

I have an Irish Terrier. I've used a file (slow and inadequate). Avoided a nail cutter (dark nails, got to the quick once and Michelle hates the sight of the things). I had another grinder (too big, too noisy and AC). This Dremel is great. It's compact, no cords, relatively quiet and two speeds (I usually use the slow speed). And Michelle doesn't mind it at all. Highly recommend.


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