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PETICURE Petite Pet Nail TrimmerNever ask a woman if she wants a nail trimmer for her pets, as in all probabilities you would hear a vehement yes from them! Thinking of gifting a nail trimmer to maybe your fiancée this Christmas! Buy the PETICURE Petite Nail Trimmer, a product that is slim, stylish yet optimal in its functions. Of course, it trims nails, but that is not why I would recommend this product! Pets are very sensitive to their nail trimmers, and often a wrong choice could lead to them howling in pain! Coming back to the point why I would recommend this product to anyone, it would be because of the fact that you could use this product on small sized dogs and while trimming their nails, you would find that the nails do not fly.

Product Description

Well, the PETICURE Petite Nail Trimmer is only one of the variations – The slimmer one at that! This is a good professional grooming tool that takes care of the nails on your pet. This is done without causing any eventual pain to your pet dogs. This product is rechargeable, and protects the furniture of your home. It also includes a power adapter. This product can be best used for touch ups on sharp edges.


  • One of the safest nail trimmer products that can be used on your pet dog.
  • Even people who were petrified of using nail trimmers have used this product. The way this product works, it gives a lot of confidence to people.


  • This is a product that can only be used on small dogs. Look for the Elite or the Power version if you have a bigger dog at your home.
  • For some strange reasons, dogs get scared at the first sight of this product. This has caused a lot of pet owner’s headache, as they spend a lot of time running behind their pets, rather than using the product.


Best Price $18.94


Customer Reviews

Great Concept. Worth The Money. Be Sure To Acclimate Your Pet First!
Will Everly Jr

When I saw the ad on TV for the Peticure, I decided to order one on Amazon. A year ago I had already ordered the dremel, a popular rotary grinder to shorten my dog's nails because my dog couldn't stand traditional nail clippers. The vets didn't usually do much more than a tiny trim of his nails either because of the way our dog acted. Although the dremmel was a definite improvement over the traditional nail clippers, debris from the nails would fly all over and it was loud and it skipped over nails quite a bit.

There is three peticure models, peticure petite for small dogs and the peticure elite for all dogs and cats, and the peticure power which has twice the power and is smaller than the other peticure models. I ordered the peticure elite for my medium sized german shepherd mixed dog. I was surprised out how well it worked. The Peticure is quiet, cordless, and all peticure models include the safeguard, which helps catch nail debris and secure the nail to the grinder.

One downside is that you will have to replace the Peticure filing bands once in awhile, the Peticure Petite only comes with 3 bands. The price is good, you can buy a refill of 10 more on Amazon for $9.99. Each band lasts a few sessions each after you get the hang of it.

The best way to cut your pet's nails
X-Ray Vision

I have a great dog with a good temperament. However, to cut his nails and then spend a long time filing them takes a lot of time and patience on both the dog's and dog parent's part.

Even with walking outside the nails are still sharp. I saw an ad for the Pedipaws but searching on the internet, it was an offshoot from the Dremel and Peticure.

Not having much experience with these devices, I compared the prices of the 3 models by Peticure. There are three models: The Petite, Elite and Power. The Petite and Elite come with 3 filing bands. The Power which operates through a plug has 20 extra bands, is lighter and 2 times more powerful. Given the fact that bands are $15 for 20, there is no reason to get nothing but the Power model (except for recharging capability).

The 2 sheets that accompany the model are poorly written. You have to refer to the company website to watch the videos on how to operate this. Putting the thing together is not intuitive. More explicit directions would have been better.

You need to remove the plastic ring at the base of the head to attach the guard. You push the lock button to untwist the mechanism to place the drum on the unit.

The noise is a moderate pitched whirring sound. My dog was not frightened by it. There are preset ports that the nail is placed into. Stabilize the pet's finger and use quick strokes to file the nail. After some awkwardness of the operator, me, I got the hang of it. There are videos on the website to direct you. Dewclaws (at least on my dog's) were impossible to file. The guard prevents but does not entirely eliminate the possibility of hair getting caught into the mechanism so be careful.

After spending 3 times more effort assembling the unit versus actually using it, I was quite satisfied with it.

If you are concerned about cutting your dog's nails but want something quicker to use, this is IT! This helps me round out the 'sharp nails' that I have to deal with when my doggy greets us.

Aside from the stated 4-6 weeks of receiving it from ordering, it was worth the wait.



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