Nintendo DS Lite Cobalt / Black


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nintendo ds lite If your kid is really engrossed in sitting before the Television set throughout his vacations, it is time you get him a video game, one that will get him through some level of activity. The Nintendo DS Lite Cobalt/Black is one such game that you should present to your kid.

I recommend this game primarily because the game play is not too difficult to grasp. With good button placements and brighter screens, playing the DS Lite is very easy for most kids. There would be times when you may not play this game at all. During those times, all you have to do is to put the game in a phony cartridge that you would get with the set and keep it away. Excellent touch screen and the brightness of the main screen itself will get me buying this product at least couple more times, if not more.

Product Description

The DS Lite is not just about games. With this game, you would get an additional port for Game Boy Additional Packs. You could play this game for 19 hours at a stretch. You could connect to this game with the Nintendo Wi-Fi, and be ready to take on the world. Powerful dual processors and ultra bright LCD screens make this game a must buy.


  • DS Lite is just what the name symbolized – Light.
  • Easy game play; almost anyone could play this at the middle of the night.
  • Excellent game supporting features
  • Bright screens.


  • Not good for rough handling.
  • Touch screen of the DS Lite not sensitive enough compared to the older version.
  • Slightly expensive; priced at $129.99 minus the shipping charges.


Best Price $129.99


Customer Reviews

Nice choice
By Manuel Alvarez

Easy to learn, very intuitive games and many choices.
What I like the most is the life of battery.

Just Perfect
By J Rodriguez

I needed this item for my daughters b-day. The ordering and receiving my product was perfect and fast! No hassel at all and the item was just perfect. So as you can see I was VERY Pleased with my purchase in every way.

By Barry M. Hendrix

This is an awsome device! I havew had no troble with the durability and the games rock! Expect a video review soon.


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