Leatherman Skeletool CX Multitool


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Leatherman 830850Almost resembling a Swiss-Knife, the Leatherman 830850 Skeletool CX Multitool is surely a product you would want to have with you wherever you go. This product is recommended due to its lighter size as compared to other products in this domain. Being light, this product is very versatile in its use, and thus can easily win over pocket knives, products that can be used only for specific purposes. This product is recommended because of its compact size and the multitude of uses it gives to people who carry them at all times. This is one product that keeps volume and size to minimum, yet does not compromise on the quality and the functions.

Product Description

The Leatherman multitool is known for its features; one amongst them is the knife blade, which you can access even when this tool is in a closed position. By placing your thumb in the thumbhole and rotating it, you would be able to open this tool. The presence of a bit driver ensures that this product can be used almost universally. On the opposite side of the knife blade, somewhere close to the handle, you would be able to locate a spare bit that you could easily use for replacement. Technically speaking, this product weighs 142 grams and measures all of 10 centimeters in closed position.


  • In terms of a tool that could be used anywhere, this has to be one right on top of your consideration.
  • Compact size and excellent functionality makes this product affordable to be used anywhere.


  • There are a whole host of accessories that are provided optional to this tool. For the price I would pay for this product, I would have imagined this product to have these optional accessories free of charge.
  • You just got to be careful with the knife blade when the tool is used. You could have a wound on your fingers if you are not careful enough.


Best Price $53.00


Customer Reviews

Great tool in a small package
Sean Dustman

Just received my Skeletool CX and my first impression was wow. I had pre-ordered it months ago and it arriving was a surprise, it's great when you get a present for yourself. Its light with minimalist lines, yet when you open it, it feels comfortable in your hand. The knife blade is large compared to the entire package but it's smaller then I expected. It's not a replacement for the full sized Leatherman but something that can do almost everything the full sized one can with a fraction of the space.

No problem with the bit driver like the 2 star reviewer. I'm a Leatherman/Gerber nut and so far, I like this one a lot. It's a great tool to have when pocket space is at a premium.

Amazing combination of size and weight!

I first saw articles about the new Skeletool CX well before Christmas. It looked to be exactly what I needed. A good knife, a convenient screwdriver, a pair of pliers, and most importantly, a tungsten coated bottle opener.

Now that I finally received it some four months later, I can say that it is truly amazing. It is not too small nor too large, and the weight is pretty amazing considering how much some of the other multitools weigh. I hardly notice it in my pocket. Best of all, the bottle opener works to perfection (I live in Wisconsin, this is critical for me).

Comfortable, solid, and the perfect size.
Nickolas R Kuhlman

After patiently waiting four months to receive my Skeletool from Amazon it finally came. The CX is smaller than I initially expected but it really is as big as it needs to be. It feels comfortable in the hand and looks amazing. There is very little flex when using the pliers, although it is possible to pinch your thumb between the handles if you are not careful. The knife can be opened with one hand and locks in place nicely. The bit driver feature also has a locking lever which is pressed to change bits. I've owned other multi-tools (i.e. gerber, swiss army) and never used all the features. The CX has the essentials leaving it light weight and well balanced. Just clip it to the inside of your pocket with the belt clip and you can't even tell it is there. I highly recommend it.



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