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Kodak EasyShare P720How about a frame that you can almost update instantly with photographs stored in your computer? Surely, the Kodak EasyShare P720 Digital Picture Frame with Home Decor Kit has to be a product that you would want to use. This product is recommended because of the fact that it is simple to use. You could easily access and transfer your pictures. This product does have some features that allow people to store a lot of pictures. Basically, you just have to buy this frame once, and you could literally use it for your lifetime.

Product Description

It is important that you keep your frame immune from any fingerprints. This product allows you to do that with the help of their unique touch border screen. You would be able to create and edit clips pretty much through your fingertips. Insert a memory card or a USB cable and there you go – You would be able to enjoy high quality pictures in no time. Featured automatic settings allow you to see them conveniently.
Sleek design allows this product at places where decoration matters. A 7 inch wide screen does absolute justice to the quality of resolution.


  • No compromise on the resolution. All the pictures are of high resolution.
  • Ease in browsing and editing clips.
  • With this product you could also easily do browsing and editing of your albums.


  • Slightly difficult to maintain. The frame will look good so long as no fingerprints or dust particles appear on the screen.
  • Limited memory. If you are looking to store a lot of pictures and transfer them to the frame, it may not work.


Best Price $74.43


Customer Reviews

Extermely versatile and just plain COOL!
By R West

Just bought the Kodak W1020 and it far exceeds my expectations. Picture quality is best I've seen and you have 4 options to show digital pictures: SD/MMC card, Via 802.11 Wireless network to your PC picture library, pictures copied to the frame, and from pictures published on the internet. You can also set up some very neat Internet RSS feeds to show you weather forecasts and traffic updates. You can even set this thing up to turn itself on and off at specific times. We've got ours setup to come in the morning on work dayo show us the weather and traffic conditions. You'll need to setup a free account on Framechannel.com to access the RSS feeds and it takes a bit of manipulation to really figure out how to customize them to your hearts desire. It will also play music although the speakers are not exactly high fidelity, still you can do and it can access mp3 files from all 4 sources. The only trick is that to completely configure the frame you will have to load the s/w from Kodak and use it to connect to the frame; all easily done.. but as always the manual is not very specific on what you can do from what interface. The user interface on the frame is very easy to use .. but using the keyboard is tedious as you can only scroll left and right via the button interface so working your way through the keyboard is one long process as you go from row to row. If you don't need the wireless features and just want to show show pictures.. I'd probably not buy this. I would not give to say.. my elderly parents as it pretty sophisticated and too complicated for them to want to mess with. That being said.. we love this thing and it is the most innovative electronic gadget I've seen in quite some time. It is an absolutely cool device and is an amazing media viewer. THe frame is well constructed and well made. My kids already dropped it and it has survived thus far. The ac power cord is bit short if you intend to hang it on a wall, but works good enough for coffee tables. The user interface buttons on the frame disappear completely when you are not messing with them which .. again.. is just cool. Can you tell I highly recommend this! A definite cool present!

What a difference a year makes
By John Brayton

I bought the Kodak EX 811 a year ago for my parents which was a wireless 8" digital frame. Unfortantely, many of the features were not fully implemented, and overall, the frame was a disappointment. Given that Kodak has had a year to get it right, I purchased the W1020 for myself to check it out. Wow. Kodak got this one right. I have only had a chance so far to configure the wireless feature and connect it to my online gallery, so there are many other features that I have yet to try. But my first impressions are very good from the nicely implemented on screen interface with a touch panel to features that were previously not implemented like power on/off which actually starts displaying photos from any source including the online gallery. I noticed that other features that were missing in the previous version are now available like a random display option so you do not always see the photos in the same order.

I am now hoping that I can now upgrade my parent's EX 811 to the latest firmware to resolve some of the issues that the older frame had. I may write another review after I have had to chance to explore all the features of this frame, but it is looking like this frame is a real winner.

A Cool Gift For The Entire Family!
By Martin A Hogan

This very sleek looking picture frame displays your favorites photos (hundreds of them) in any way you desire, simply by using the `controls on the frame' Quick Touch Border. This allows for super simple operation with a touch or slide of your finger, with no screen fingerprints or smudges. The touch panel features yellow lights that illuminate to tell you exactly where to touch. You can set your frame vertically or horizontally. Some photos that do not fit the typical ratio are displayed in 'letterbox' style.

With the enclosed software, you can easily create multimedia slide shows from your desktop and easily transfer them to your Memory card/Stick to install into your frame. Browse and edit your family or vacation photos and easily drag-and-drop pictures for slide shows. The number of photos on your Kodak Easycare frame is limited only by the size of your memory card or memory stick (not included). With an 8 GB memory card/stick, you can store over 1,600 high quality photos (there are two memory card slots). The bright 7" monitor brings out the colors and crispness of your photos in a way that is far more vibrant than simple printed photos.

You're in control and it can be a mesmerizing experience. Whether at home or in the office, this is your life on display! Great invention - great gift!


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