Keurig B60 Home Brewing System


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Keurig B60 Home Brewing System | KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixers

Keurig B60 Special EditionCoffee and the tea are the two things that refresh the people a lot. After having a hectic schedule at work, you would feel like having coffee or tea at office or at home but you won’t prefer to make it but something like Keurig B60 can help you out for coffee, tea or cocoa. This product can be used in the office as well as at the home but mainly preferable at home. Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System is mainly recommended for people who love beverages but just do not have the time to prepare them every time.

Product Description

A very simple and easy to use machine that requires no grinding and no clean up and hassle in use. Keurig B60 is the best appliance to prepare single cups of hot beverages. The appliance contains pre measured parts known as K-cup and K-cups which are available with various kinds of coffee, tea or cocoa. The additional features included in this appliance are that it includes 48 oz removable water reservoir and also give you three options of three different cup sizes which include 9.25 ounce that serve for a travel cup.

You may be looking for more control features; this appliance provides you with the new 3 temperature control feature that helps you to allow choosing the standard 192 degree Fahrenheit brew temperature or a cooler 187 degrees giving you full control over temperature. You also have control over the brewing time with the Descale indicator which is for highly durable stainless steel with deep tray chrome handle and also face plate. It is suitable for house, small office or light commercial as it requires the use of K-cups.  The K-cup is designed in such a manner that it prevents coffee from moisture, oxygen and light. This leaves you with the best cup of beverage every time you consume. The content of one box is 25 K-cups. This appliance is also very useful for parties or at the meetings or at seminars.

Keurig is one of the best looking appliances available today. The other features of this appliance are that it is the most durable and has the best heating and pumping mechanism. It is the one which has the largest varieties of coffees and teas available. The quality of the product is also the best. Keurig provides with three different sizes of coffees that is 5.25, 7.25 and 9.25oz. This large size of the cup allows the travel mug to almost fill after using one extra bold K-cup.  One more special feature of the Keurig B60 is that it provides with the beautiful blue led’s at the back of the display and the water tank and polished chrome handle and also polished chrome outer ring to the display. It will add a modern and a classy look to your kitchens and therefore is mostly chosen by women for their kitchens.


  • Variety of coffee, tea and cocoa
  • Provides with the programmed backlit LCD display with digital clock and on/off timer.
  • Temperature control and 18 K-cup variety packs included.
  • One year limited warranty.
  • Delicious coffee.


  • It is costly as compared to some other coffee/beverage makers.


Best Price $124.49


Customer Reviews

I found the magic
By Liz

I was trying to decide btween the Tassimo system and the Keurig. The draw of the Tassimo was the lattes and cappicinos, but reviews complained that the milk pods were messy and there were less choices of coffees. So I bought the Keurig. Well we all love latte type drinks, so I played around and think I have found I formula that produces a drink very close to one you would buy from a shop. I bought a milk frother (mine is by aerolatte) and some Torani syrup (widely available and inexpensive). I put 1/3 cup of milk in my mug with 1 tbs of syrup and froth it. I then put the mug in the machine and brew the middle size cup (7.5 oz). This fills my oversized coffe mug and makes a great drink. You can sweeten it more if you like. Hubby adds 1 pkt splenda. The Torani syrup is also available sugar free. This process only takes about 1 minute. I can get one mug ready while the 1st one brews. Additional clean up is only to rinse the frother.

Terrific Coffee, Hot and Fast, from a Beautifully Designed Machine
By Dorothy Rosa

I hadn't planned on buying a $200 coffee maker, but despite having squandered $35 on a lesser machine (manufactured by the once-venerable "initial-ampersand-initial" company) and some dreadful supermarket coffee pods to go with it, I was hooked on the concept of single-serve: no muss, no fuss -- and terrific coffee, hot and fast. As I tried to decide how to proceed, I happened to win one of these Keurig B-60's in an on-line drawing on one of the better-known single-serve sites. The machine arrived within days, along with four large boxes of Green Mountain k-cups in various flavors, enough to invite half of our small Texas town over for coffee and have some left over.

I am VERY impressed with this machine, which is beautifully and wonderfully made. You won't be embarrassed to leave this one sitting on a marble counter in your beautiful custom kitchen. In fact, the Keurig B-60 seems to dignify its surroundings; if your kitchen's something short of custom, you'll want to design a new one around it. To sum up: great coffee, from a lovely, well made, quiet, and easy to operate machine. If only everything worked this well and looked this good....

I'll never go back.
By S. Moore

My husband and I both like a good cup of coffee and have always bought what we considered to be the top of the line coffee makers. I never knew what a top of the line coffee maker really was until we purchased our Keurig B-60 six months ago. The Keurig allows us the luxury of choosing different coffees without waste, I like flavored and decaf on occassions but he doesn't. It was the norm that with drip coffee makers to get a good cup of coffee you had to make more than one or two cups at a time, so I would always make at least four-six cups and end up pouring half of it out. With the K-cups you get a GREAT tasting cup of coffee one cup at the time each time.

One reason that I choose the Keurig was because it has a reusable filter cup that allows you to use ground coffee. However, with the convenience of the K-cups I rarely use the filter.

We have had nothing but a wonderful experience with our Keurig and will never go back to a drip coffee maker. The one cup concept is great for anyone that really enjoys a fresh cup of coffee evertime.


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