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Flip VideoFor people who are inclined to click photographs of whatever they see, the Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, 60-Minutes (Black) could be one of their best friends. Often, you would find people taking to this piece because this product is definitely a bit different from other camcorder products. Priced at $149.99, I could not believe I could get a camcorder at such a low price. Sleek design of the piece itself, along with some excellent features of the product meant I did not waste any more than 5 minutes before buying this product. This surely is a product to buy if you are inclined to click snaps of all the good things you see.

Product Description

This truly is the power of video in your pocket – if the manufacturer of this product is to be believed. The compact size of this product coupled with the one-touch recording feature makes it one of the simplest products to be used. Four buttons in the product allow you to zoom, record, and play and, stopping your recording activity. 2 GB Memory and a microphone of high quality would mean that clicking high quality images is actually just some time away from you. With this product, you would also be able to organize, edit and share your clips. All you have to do is to plug the USB to your computer and upload the photographs to the computer. A 1.5 Inch LCD Screen allows you to see the photographs or clips almost instantly.


  • Obviously, this has to be one of the easier products to carry and use.
  • The price – You would not really get a camcorder for $150.
  • So many things you could do with a camcorder – For once, you would feel that this is just the best camcorder out there.


  • To be used as a full time camcorder, you would obviously need some more qualities.
  • A 2GB Memory may not be enough for storing a large number of clips comparing to some other camcorders that have an 8 GB Memory.


Best Price $129.00


Customer Reviews

Easy to use and excellent quality!
By J Segil

I've have been using both this version of the Flip Video Camcorder and the older version and find both cameras to be easy to use, high quality and tremendous value for sub $200.

With a single push of a button the camera is powered up and ready to go. I can take short videos and long videos. It's especially good for taking shots of my little 5 month old son and easily uploading them online for friends and family to see. Plus it's virtually indestructible - I've dropped it many times and it works just fine.

The software is easy to use and I love that it doesn't need to install on my computer. I hate having to insert a disk and deal with having another lame application taking up space on my computer. Everything runs off of the camera and runs fast!

I highly recommend this camera to anyone looking for a simple, reliable, sturdy camcorder. Especially if you plan on uploading videos to the web.

By Jem

I've been resisting getting a camcorder for years. I didn't want to mess with disks, tapes or any of that jazz. I'm not a professional photographer either, so I don't want to worry about zooming or lighting and I don't need a thousands buttons and settings. The Flip is perfect for people like me. Just turn it on and hit the record button. That's it. No fuss, no cords, and if it turns out bad - delete it on the spot. I was able to plug directly into my laptop USB port and access the video I made. And sixty minutes gives me plenty of time to catch my cat doing something cute, or opening presents at Christmas. The design is sleek, small and pretty durable. I won't use the tripod option, but having it is good for those that have trouble holding the Flip steady.

This is a wonderful product for those who aren't tech savvy. Even those that are will find it convenient and easy - and there are plenty of software programs out there (like Roxio Media Suite 10) that offer more advanced video manipulation for what you capture with the Flip. Overall, I can't recommend this enough. It's so easy, I actually plan to do a video review for Amazon!

Flip Video Ultra...I love it!
By Love to Shop

I just got the Pink Flip video camcorder today and I have to say it is so easy to use. The features on it are basic which is perfect if you just want a simple camcorder. It's pretty much all in one no USB cables to use and it has the software pre-installed into the device so all you have to do is hook it up and the it installs automatically. Updated software is available which is a plus. I love to vlog on Youtube and this is perfect! It's so small you can carry it anywhere. I think what would make this product better is having a lithium ion battery vs AA batteries but otherwise it's great!



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