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Farouk Ceramic Flat Hairstyling IronThe beauty of a woman lies in her hair and therefore to make them her look beautiful she tries various things. Farouk CHI 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron is the machine whose use can give different styles to your hair. This is a machine that is useful for both long as well as short hair. The machine is highly durable. Every time going to the parlor is not possible and hence this machine will help to give a new look to the hair as you can curl, straighten as well as do a lot of other hairstyles with the help of this machine.

Product Description

Farouk CHI is a ceramic ionic flat hair straightener. Today it is one of the best selling hairstyling irons in the professional beauty industry. This iron is used for curling, bending and flip, spiraling and straightening hairs.
The iron has two flat tongs ruled with the ceramic plate on each of the tong’s inner surface and the iron is a little heavy. You have to close it across the lock of hair or till then the unit will remain open. It has to be plugged so that it gets heated up in around half a minute and gets warm. You should use a towel to ensure that you are safe from the hot surface of the iron.

Most of the curling machines are made of metal but this is made of ceramic which straightens your hair and reduces the static from your hair. The glass like surface of the Farouk CHI hair straightens when slid across your hair and it gives a shinny smooth finish to the hair.

To use it effectively, get it plugged, turn on your iron and let it get heated up. Then take a comb and comb your hair by pulling out the locks and then run the iron behind it till the entire length of the hair. You should try to take the iron close to the hair as much as possible but see to it that it does not touch the scalp. Repeat the same all over your head. If your hair is bushy and you are finding it tough to iron you can make use of hairdresser clips to section off the hair which is not being styled at that movement. This is something that really works. It is recommended that you use a heat protective spray as the heat content may damage your hair. But the straightening remains the whole day.

The iron should be kept in a much protected place where it cannot drop as it may get damaged. This product comes in the drawstring bag. It is advisable to keep it in the drawer only after it cools down. Sometimes the iron may gum up the plates or they might become sticky. A specific cleaner is available in the market to clean them and therefore you can make use of it.


  • Makes the hair smooth and shiny.
  • Straightening remains for the whole day.
  • Gives different styles to the hair.
  • Versatile product
  • Very instant method of styling the hair.


  • Not very easy to use.
  • Gets too heated.


Best Price $71.63


Customer Reviews

Prepare yourself for a totally new you.
By J. Arena

If you're tired of the curls and waves in your hair and want to go for a dramatic, straight look, the Farouk Ceramic Iron is for you. It works like a dream and you won't be able to stop touching your hair because it's hard to beleive it could feel so wonderfully smooth and healthy with such little effort. If you have tried to get a sleek look by yanking your hair with a blow dryer and brush, this will save you a world of time and produce far better results.

By Melaka Fray

I just bought a chi.. this chi to be exact. It's the goddess of all flat irons. I had a cheap Wal Mart hair iron. I used to have to wash my hair, take it into section, blow dry w/ a round brush THEN go over every piece of hair w/ my cra**y flat iron, again and again. And when I went outside, if it was rainy or humid, forget it, my hair would fuzz out all over again. I don't have curly curly hair more like really thick, frizzy, wavy sorta curly but not hair. Totally NOT cute. With the chi, my hair is super soft and looks like

I was born with perfectly straight beautiful shiny hair. HA! Now I shower, towel dry and take the chii to it. It takes about 15 min. STAYS ALL DAY LONG and feels really great. I don't even need to use any anti frizz serum or anything like that. It is a bit pricey but worth every penny.

Excellent Product
By Lady Naava

I have struggled to get the hang out of my cheap flat iron for my wedge/bob hairstlye. Well, struggle no more! this iron is awesome and fast. It beats the 'cheapies' hands down.

I also like it because it is thin! I thought (in my ignorance) using a larger iron would be easier, but not so. Its much easier to use this one. Plus... It comes in a limited edition pink style if you like that sort of thing (which I do). I also love this iron because its really easy to curl the ends of your hair. Just twist and go.

Make sure to use some product to protect your hair and be careful with it! You can burn your ears, neck and hands -It's HOT!


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