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eye lopsFisher-Price Imaginext Spike the Ultra Dinosaur, allows your kid to go back to the Mesozoic Era. Playing with a toy Dinosaur surely is one thing your kid will enjoy.

This Fisher Price Dinosaur surely seems to be like a Dinosaur next-doo, a friendly and an interactive dinosaur. It could yet be oversized in size, but you would find the amount of fun it gives to your kid is something that is far greater than the size itself. This product is definitely good enough for any dino-enthusiast to swoon.

Product Description

The Eyeclops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles allows your kids to see in the dark up to 20 feet. This product uses infra-red night vision technology that enables complete safety of your kid’s eyes when in use. This product would require 4 AA batteries, which are included in the kit. Mounting these goggles would not be a challenge, as they come readily mounted. Just charge them for a couple of hours, maybe three and put the rubber straps on the back of the head for kids who wish to wear them.


  • With this, your kid can play hide ‘n’ seek very easily during the night time.
  • Very easy on your kid’s head with the help of the rubber clasps.
  • An option with the goggles that allow kids to switch to normal vision when required.
  • Recommended only for 6 years old. This is made clear because only kids of this age and above can use this safely.


  • Using the goggles for any adventure activities can be dangerous, especially considering your risk of tripping onto something.
  • This being an electronic item should have the AA batteries in the kit without which the goggles cannot work. By now having these batteries, it increases my workload to start looking around for them.


Best Price $68.88


Customer Reviews

Awsome for 80 bucks!!!!!
By Matthew David Beck

I got this today and with much excitement I stripped away the packaging.
First I found some batteries, 5 AA Lithiums was my choice. Light and better runtime, next I opened the battery pack in the back with a screwdriver and plopped them in. After skimming the manual I ran to the attic. The display looks like an inch and a half when turned on. I prefer the green setting over the grey, the array of IR LED's work great for looking far away. The attic I was crawling around in was about 50ft long and I could clearly make out the far wall, I could even read the text on the boxes. In complete darkness I would walk slow because of the narrow view but WOW I can see great!!! It takes a minute to get use to but I love it.
I work for a LED Micro light company in Oregon so we have IR clip mounted lights laying around. I mounted 4 to the goggles and low and behold I could see clearer all the way to the end of the wall.
I'm off to hunt rats tonight Look out! Now the odds are in my favor!

So Much Fun
By Sillyvieve

This toy is awesome. I am an adult and I have never had so much fun. I ordered some for a camping trip and we had such a blast. I have never had a better hide and go seek game ever and it was so much fun just walking around seeing everything different. It comes in two different views and I like it in the black and white over the green night vision setting. Its not heavy or anything and once you get the sizing right for your head your good to go. I don't know how the other person didn't get it turned on, once you put the batteries it works fine. The batteries really is the biggest draw back becuase it takes so many, but I think it is well worth it. My family and friends are all now trying to steal them on me, but I won't let them. This thing is awesome!

A little disorienting at first but lots of fun!!,
By Darkfire109

I wasn't sure what to expect when I put this thing on. The Eyeclops only lets you see out of the right eye and pretty much blocks your left eye which affects your depth perception so don't think you can drive with your headlights off while wearing these. I did get used to the 'pirate's view' and the image that comes through the screen is amazing. You really can see in total darkness and flipping on the IR 'spotlight' really increases the range and brightness of objects that are closer. These are just as good and costs a lot less than military night vision goggles.


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