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elmo liveFor starters, let us understand that the Fisher-Price Elmo is an Elmo with a difference. It is a dancing, talking and one that is quite chirpy at all times.

I encourage kids to play with the Fisher-Price Elmo Live primarily because it encourages the creativity levels in their kids. With their interactive nature of functioning, you would find that even the most somber of kids get up and start enjoying the fun. The Elmo plays, dances, and talks and maybe even sings so long as your kid wants to play with it. If your kid is bored, the Elmo switches off saying “I am off to sleep”. Indeed, this has to be one of the most Interactive toy game I would have seen for a long time.

Product Description

The product itself weighs about 3.8 Pounds, and in the set with the product, you would find 6 AA batteries that allow the Elmo to quack around as long as your kid wants. It is about 8 inches in length and 11 inches in breadth, that allows any kid of 18 months and above to hug it, if they feel the need to.  The fur is realistic and acceptable, not causing any allergies for most kids who use them. On buying this product, be sure to charge them for some time to ensure the product works well.


  • One of the best interactive toy games. It is sure to wake your kid up from boredom.
  • The Elmo will ask your kid questions, and ask the kid to respond to it. This could well go on to a conversation, which is so healthy for your kid at this age.
  • The Elmo cracks silly jokes, which at times is greeted by a loud roar from the kid.


  • The Elmo makes some kind of a mechanical noise when he moves. This is irritating and often, you do not end up hearing what it has to say.
  • At times when the Elmo is laughing, it has the tendency to fall over.
  • You would need to squeeze the nose of the Elmo for your kid, who may find this tough.


Best Price $64.87


Customer Reviews

By Jennifer Reavis

I was lucky to grab the last Elmo today locally and my three kids, a 2 year old, 5 year old, and a 7 year old, have been playing with Elmo ever since. They absolutely love it. The neighbors and other family members have been over to see Elmo go. He does sooooo many things, tells stories does dances, plays games, and other quirky fun things. It is so life-like it keeps the kids and adults amazed. My sister has struck out at many stores today and has been told it will be very hard to find this christmas. So if you find one, grab it, as these are definitely THE hit toy this year.

Elmo loves me and I love Elmo
By E Co

This toy is amazing. Everything from his bad jokes, to the great story about him and the giant is wonderful. I'm 27 and I completely fell in love with this toy and everything that it does. If your kids love Elmo, or even if you do, this one is a toy to pick-up.

Fun and Amazing
By K Wong

Aside from the $60+ price tag, this toy is nothing but amazing. It makes you feel like you are interacting with it. It has so many ways to move that you would almost think that you are watching a live puppet show. It is also very entertaining. My kids enjoys Elmo's kisses, story telling, songs and dances.

This such is a fun toy that I would highly recommend this toy to young children.


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