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Celestron SkyScout Personal PlanetariumBy the name of it, you may think that you would own a planetarium. In essence, the Celestron SkyScout Personal Planetarium is one of the innovative products developed in the recent past that can be used by the scientifically inclined! Let me break the suspense – With this product you would be able to locate any item in the sky! How many of you thought of having a product that will help you identify stars and planets that can be seen in the sky? Practically none! Only for this feature of this product, I would recommend this to be bought by one and all. Apart from this, there are a whole lot of features that justify the top billing of this product.

Product Description

Weighing all of 3 pounds and some more, to view stars in the sky, all you have to do is – Click a button. Which button to click – You would know from the instruction manual. Of course, the clicking of the button would be followed by a series of steps, which really is not too difficult for you to understand because Skyscout will tell you exactly what you need to do. The real fun for you would start the moment you locate a star. Once you do, you would be told about some facts and trivia that you would have never known of. And for doing all this, you do not necessarily need complex instruments. This easy to carry product, backed by a 2 year warranty from Celeron can be carried almost anywhere.


  • A unique objective achieved. Not many products will allow you to track stars and comets in the sky.
  • Know a lot of information about the star you have located.
  • USB port allows the database of all stars and comets to be updated real-time.


  • Not many minus points to think of. The only place where I think this product does not work is in case of a hazy sky.
  • The product uses GPS technology to give you the uses that it is known for. Thus, for the good working of the product you would need to rely on the GPS technology to work well.


Best Price $183.24


Customer Reviews

Excellent Product

I ordered my Skyscout on May 3 and rec'd it on July 25th. The delay in delivery was frustrating (not surprising with a new product of this complexity)but worth it. I had the device working within a minute of taking it out of the box. Just insert two double A batteries, turn it on and within a minute the GPS had located my position and the Skyscout was ready to go.

The Locate and Identify functions work exactly as desribed, the accuracy is amazing. The interface is very user friendly and informative. You get look up stars, planets, other objects, constellation (it can show you maps). You get a primer on astonomy and famous astronomers plus lots of other features.

The device feels solid, it is easy to grip and is not heavy to hold. It comes with a USB cable and software that allows you to check for updates from the Celestron site.

I've used it five of the past seven evenings and have enjoyed every minute of it!!

Works very well, educational, and plain fun
By Dakota64

After seeing some of the other reviews which rank it low, I can only imagine they had a bad batch. Mine works flawlessly, aquires a GPS signal within about 1-2 minutes, and I have no problems with magnetic interferance. In terms of battery life, I've used it for about an average of an hour over 5 different nights and I am still on my first set of batteries (regular AA Alkalines). The product is well made, sturdy, and has a solid feel.

My 9 year old daughter has invented a new verb "skyscouting", and we have been "skyscouting" almost every night we've had clear skies and learning more about the night sky more quickly than ever before! She loves the "Identify" mode and enjoys targetting stars. I especially like the constellation image feature and Tonight's Highlights. I did notice that the audio and text descriptions differ slightly so listen/look at both.

So worth the wait
T Traina

I waited a couple months on order before getting mine but was amazed by it. I took it camping in Yosemite and learned so much. It took about a half an hour to really figure out how to work the thing. However, once it was going, I learned a lifetime of astronomy in an hour. I have brought it out on a number of occasions and everyone is always blown away.


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