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Canon Digital Rebel XSi 12.2 MPNothing can be better than the Canon Digital Rebel XSi if you are looking for some stunning photography. Canon digital rebel captures the best pictures with photo quality prints and carries an adequate amount of features for a poster size photo. It can provide you with crystal clear images with features like 12.2 mega pixel and DIGIC III image processor. This processor provides superior auto focus, high-speed and precise image processing which gives the clear picture. Now you don’t have to get upset because of the bad picture quality that your camera is giving, because Canon Digital Rebel XSi can give you excellent depiction. This camera has the ability to change your photography for the better. So, if you are looking to get the best camera, here it is.

Product description
Canon digital rebel can provide you with dazzling and spectacular photography without any difficulty for you to shoot. It features EOS Rebel XSi which has brought incredible hi-tech modernism.

Canon CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) sensor helps to detain the images with excellent transparency and tonal range. DIGIC III image processor helps to give a wonderfully pleasing quality of images and also increases the speed of the camera. It is difficult to get clear image in the absence of adequate lighting but in this case EOS Rebel XSi sensor helps in achieving extraordinary image. Along with this digital signal conversion is implemented through 14-bit processor which produces amazing digital data with smooth tones and here also there is no risk of “banding”. If you are looking for the RAW images of the best quality then this 14-bit gradation processed with canon camera can fulfill your requirement.

One more thing that can help in enhancing the beauty of the image is auto optimization feature in the camera. The EOS Rebel XSi’s Auto Optimization protects your image from lighting conditions. You can find this function in the shooting mode of the camera where you can lighten the bright areas. Auto lighting optimizer makes your image look brighter and attractive. It won’t give the dull look to your image. DIGIC III Image Processor is also one of the important features as it manages to develop unbeatable performance between the stage of capturing and recording. This electronic system is designed in such a way that it enhances the pace as well as the picture quality.

The canon Digital rebel has a huge 3.0 inch LCD monitor with the performance angle of 170 degree. The live view function like AF, ISO, Metering, Flash options etc and the brightness of the EOS Rebel XSi adds 30 percent greater assistance to the camera. Normally it becomes difficult to use camera in bright sunlight but this function inserts an advantage to the camera. This function also helps to view the subject directly on the LCD and it can be used via computer also. EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens with optical illustration stabilizer features various angles of zoom from wide-range to mid-range and it also capitulates full four stop of image shake correction.


  • Canon digital rebel is very handy and easy to operate.
  • The battery life of this camera is excellent.
  • You can get best quality of photographs.


  • For hand held shooting live view modes are too slow.


Best Price $639.00


Customer Reviews

Amazed Simply
By P. Eng

I'm a professional photographer. I shoot editorials and advertising. I own a couple Canon 1Ds Mark 3. That being said, I wanted a small compact camera to take around with me. I first purchased a Sigma DP-1, but found it limiting and too slow. I sold it and decided to purchase the Canon 450D (XSi). And I am simply amazed at the functionality and speedy feel of the camera. Yes, it's not as small as a DP-1, but compared to a 1Ds Mark 3, it's tiny. Every feature of this camera is well thought out and they loaded it with much current technology as possible. I can't think of a single thing to complain about. I see people complaining about the buffer, but honestly if you NEED high buffer on RAW shooting then take the plunge and buy a 1D or 1Ds.

It's not a professional grade camera by functionality and build. But the image quality is on par. sRAW on a 1Ds Mark 3 is precisely the same as this camera MP size. I would feel very comfortable with the image quality of this camera to do a editorial shoot (non-sport) with it. But of course, the client always wants to see the big expensive camera, since they're paying you. :)

Exceeded my expectations
By Mr. Ditto

My first dSLR purchase, but I come with a strong analog photographic background (medium- and large-format photography).

The XSI is very nice. It is nice and light-weight, great image quality, and is snappy in operation. I couldn't ask for much more (well maybe in-body IS like Sony, Pentax, and Olympus cameras).

I laugh at the people who call this an "entry-level" dSLR. The image quality exceeds Canon's $1300 semi-professional 40D model. The features that more-expensive models include are mostly minor conveniences. I took plenty of "professional" pictures with my 4x5" view camera. I get about 1-frame-per-15-minutes with a large-format camera. And yet people seem to think that the XSI's 3.5 frames/per/second makes it entry-level?! Most photographers need nothing more. Yes, if you are a professional wildlife or sports photographer, you want the upgrade. If not, then this camera should meet your needs and then some.

Simple to use, Nice feel, Great photos.....
By P. Baker

This Camera seems to do it all, quite nicely, I was a little suprised that the Live View feature does not function in the automatic/program modes, but the three inch monitor is a big improvement for viewing the pictures after you take them. So I am still happy, and won't discount my five point enthusiasm.

I like the weight and the grip, it just feels right to me. I got some really nice photos with the kit lens. Using it with my 580EX flash was also a breeze.

I am a point-and-shoot kinda guy, and this camera gets pro-looking shots in full automatic mode most of the time.


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