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lovin pupIf your child is allergic to pets, yet wished to have one, get him Fur Friends my Lovin Pup, one of the most realistic electronic puppies around.

Biscuit is an electronic pup, with which your kid can play almost endlessly. And he would not get bored! Though the electronic toys domain is quite old, Biscuits definitely is a standout performer. It is not one of those toys that you would see lazing around in a crouch. Your kid will get an excellent education on how dog, a man’s best friend behaves in certain times. I have seen many electronic puppies, but here is one that barks, lifts his claws, wags his tails and do almost every other than a dog would do.

Product Description

Biscuit is one of the electronic puppies that will do what you ask them to do. The developers of this puppy have programmed this pup so well that if you “Give your paw”, it would. And many other such activities would be done by the up! These puppies are made of a material that would definitely not cause any allergies to your kid, so it is safe to buy.


  • Treat to get this game for your kid who longs to play with a pet, yet allergic to it.
  • Easily one of the most active electronic puppies around.
  • Let your kid enjoy playing with Biscuit, which is sure to build a long term company with him or her.


  • The fact that the dog would follow most of your commands and do them accordingly is just a representation. This has at times been construed by kids in real life.
  • Slightly expensive. Priced at $149.95 minus the shipping, one would have thought this puppy to cost a touch less.


Best Price $156.14



Customer Reviews

It's Cute and Great for a child who has no dog
By Tricia

It's a great and cute toy. It performs Like it's suppose to, but my daughter lost interest quickly. However, I think it's because we have two dogs. They are young dogs and always getting into something etc.. So, I think it is perfect for a child who wants a dog, but doesn't or can't have a real one.

Great pet
By J Rodriguez

This is a great way to have a pet with no mess! My kids love it! It really looks real. Everyone who comes over always what to know where I got it.


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