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baguan battle packBakugan has proven to be an excellent replacement over the video games. Kids will definitely take to it, like a duck to water, and this game is fun for adults as well.

I recommend this game on the basis of the all-round development it can bring to anyone who plays this game. Not only is this fun, but it also helps you in preparing strategies to win the game. One thing is clear – This is not one of the regular card-and-ball games. It definitely is different with you having to work your brains out to shoot out the Bakugans and land on the card to score. This is just one bit of the game, and while you play this you realize this game is really the best game you would have ever played.

Product Description

The Bakuban is not one of those card-and-ball games. You must, as a kid have some amount of brains to play this game that has their magnetic marbles pop open when they are on the metal card. It has 2 character cards, 3 normal cards, 6 backugan figures, and 2 command cards. You could also select the style of the game before it is shipped.


  • Bakugan is an absolute fun game for everyone, kids as well as adults.
  • Easy game play; almost anyone could play this at the middle of the night.
  • Prepares kids for strategic skills.


  • It is a video game after all. Not good for your kid who is addicted to video games anyways.
  • The game console is a delicate piece at that.


Best Price $47.49


Customer Reviews

Fun Toy
By Caroline Blackstone

I bought this for my 11-yr old nephew. It was a big hit. These are impossible to find in stores right now. It was great to be able to just go online and order what I wanted. Amazon takes a lot of the pressure out of being a great aunt!

My son is crazy for this toy
By Kimberly A Blackert

All my 8 year old son wanted for his birthday is Bakugan. All the stores in my area were sold out. I was very pleased when I was able to order it online. He was extremely happy when he opened his present! It's the hottest thing at his school and all he has talked about for months. My only complaint would be the price... seems high for what it is.

My 9 yr old loves it
By M O'neil

My nine year old son loves these toys. He used to only play with Pokemon stuff but now he only plays with these toys. He can't wait to get more. The only learning value of this toy is the imagination value. They seem to be pretty durable eventhough they don't appear so at first glance.


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