14k Yellow Gold 3-Piece Stud Earring Set


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14k Yellow Gold 3-Piece Stud Earring SetWith the prices of yellow metal at an all time high, not many people can afford to buy gold gifts for the occasion of Christmas! In such a scenario, you would find 14k Yellow Gold 3-Piece Stud Earring Set (3mm, 4mm, 5mm) offering an excellent alternative. This product is affordable for most of us, and quite unsurprisingly, you would find the product going on any occasions. Available in different sizes, 3-5 mm, these earrings would ensure your lady enjoys the best decorative piece around. This 3-piece earring is one of the more affordable options for you to enjoy the best of gifts that you could have given to your lady. And of course, earrings are the best gifts for a woman!

Product Description

The Stud Earring set is known to be one of the more affordable pieces. No chemical is used in plating it, in fact no plating is used on the gold, which ensures that the skin of women who are wearing it is protected at all times. The ear-hole piercing points are penetrated through rather easily, with the needles not being sharp at all. Additionally, the gloss of this product ensures that it definitely looks like pure gold. And it can still be considered somewhat close to it, because it is 14 Karats anyways!


  • Here is a gift that is 14 Karat gold, and can be used as an exceptional decorative supplement for women.
  • Gift this to a woman, and consider that you have literally gifted her gold.
  • The low price of this product would get you wanting to buy a lot such products with the money you may have.


  • It could be an inexpensive product. Being that, you would find that it does not match real gold in terms of luxury.
  • People who have worn these earrings have said that the sheen of the gold wears off after some time. This warrants them to throw the piece and get a new one.


Best Price $39.99


Customer Reviews

I'm loving these

I am a real low maintainace gal and these are just perfect for me. I can sleep in them with comfort and look great on the way out the door. I have had nothing but satisfaction with this set. For less than $30, these were a steal!

Excellent Value

I have bought several pairs of 14 kt gold ball earrings here at Amazon for myself and my daughters and have been happy with the quality. Thin posts and backs that really "catch" are important to me, to decrease the inevitable "Mom, I lost a back again" and "Mom, I lost a post again" comments.

I was really happy to see this set because it represents a per-pair savings and so I figured we'd give it a try, even though we only had ever worn the 4mm and 5mm gold ball sizes. The 3mm balls are quite small -- they are accurately represented in the picture -- but one of my girls actually liked them better than the 5mm.

My girls and I need dependable earrings because of a hereditary skin condition known as keloids. (Those of you who have it know what a struggle it can be to keep the body's normal scarring process from going into overdrive.) For that reason, we are always on the lookout for earrings with 14 kt gold posts, and preferably 14 kt backs. We wear them at night after taking out our daytime earrings, as well as on some days when one or both lobes may be a bit irritated.

So far, we've been very happy with this set. One of the features we like best is that the posts are relatively short, so we are able to sleep in these with no problem. That may be a drawback to some. Ditto for the thinness of the post, although for us it is a positive.


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