Hottest Christmas Presents 2010



It is that time of year again and Christmas is over us, the countdown to the big day has begun. What should I buy to my kids, parents, loved ones etc. What would be the top 10 christmas presents this year you might wonder?

This time of year you will be overwhelmed with Christmas products commercials and fantastic deals doing everything to convince you to buy almost anything.

But each year there are always some products that will stand out as the most popular Christmas presents. We are trying to predict what will be the top 10 Christmas presents this year.

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We do a thorough research before end up with the final list of Christmas present products. We will also monitor the changes that might occur as we are getting closer to Christmas day, and will update accordingly.

Don’t spend more on your presents than you need, we will always scout the net for the best prices from the best stores so you can get the cheapest Christmas deals available while shopping safely.

Our main focus is towards kids, but we are also working to find great gifts for him and her. But we know that it is the children that “own” the Christmas that all parents want to give that someone special something to remember this Christmas.

Find the 10 hottest Christmas presents for kids right here.


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Todays Hottest Deals

Here are the top listings in the sections for her, him and pets

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To view the full list of recommended Christmas present products in other categories please click on her, him or parents to go directly to the rankings and to read the full description of each product and why we recommend it.

10 hottest presents for children

[1] Nintendo DS Lite Cobalt / Black

Nintendo DS Lite CobaltNintendo DS Lite revolutionizes the way games are played. The best-selling video game system in the world now has a new cool color scheme. The Cobalt/Black version of the portable Nintendo DS grabs your attention straight away as one of the coolest handheld games around. With wireless Wi-Fi connection and a touch screen technology this toy will make all kids light up as a christmas tree when they open this gift.

Nintendo DS Lite also features a separate media port for Game Boy Advance cartridges, this is allowing you to play all your favorite Game Boy Advance games in single-player mode.

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Price: $129.99

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Some quotes from happy owners of Nintendo DS Lite Cobalt / Black:

This is by far the best looking DS Lite!! The cobalt blue on black color scheme shines a hue that's closer to royal blue or deep purple! The top is still a shiny smudge magnet, but it looks so cool anyway! Just wipe it down. :-) .

[2] Bakugan Battle Pack

Bakugan Battle PackBaguan Battle Pack comes from the fun anime TV series "Bakugan Battle Brawlers" which has spawned this strategic game that pits a variety of "Bakugan warriors" -- such as "Juggernoids," "Fear rippers," and "Robatallians" -- against each other for points.

This game is for kids above 4 years of age and will even challenge the grown ups. This game works in the way that the players challenge each other by earning points rolling their Bakugan (or shooting them from a launcher) onto magnetic cards where the plastic spheres burst open to reveal the fearsome warrior apparatus inside.

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Price: $ 47.49

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Some quotes from happy owners of Bakugan Battle Pack:

This toy system is, for now, one of the hottest items in the toy world. If you are actually lucky enough to find it, or willing to pay the premium, then you should strongly consider getting it. Your child will be extremely happy.

[3] Fur Real Friends Biscuit My Lovin Pup

Fur Real Friends Biscuit My Lovin PupBiscuit My Lovin Pup is one of the best selling FurReal Friends by Hasbro. This puppy is almost "alive" and responds to affectionate touches, voice commands, and motion with playful barks and realistic movements.

The puppy has three different barks and a whole range of movements that are playful and affectionate. Be ready to have a dog settle into your house, you even get a an adoption certificate is included to make kids feel like real pet owners.

Biscuit My Lovin Pup has nine sensors that allow Biscuit to respond when you pet him or issue a voice command. It even sences how much attention you are giving it and will cycle through different modes depending on how much you care for it.

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Price: $ 156.14


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Some quotes from happy owners of Fur Real Friends Biscuit My Lovin Pup:

This is a great way to have a pet with no mess! My kids love it! It really looks real. Everyone who comes over always what to know where I got it.

[4] Wild Planet Hyper Dash

Wild Planet Hyper DashHyper Dash is an award-winning fast-paced race course game from Wild Planet that encourages kids to be active and think on their feet.

This is not only a toy, but also designed to improve your coordination, listening and math skills. This is really a cool toy that practice addition and subtraction while exercising and having fun.

It is easy to set-up and get started, the manual is clear and concise with easy to follow instructions. The original game, Hyper Dash, features the Hyper Voice calling out commands. Four different levels allow the players' skills to progress.

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Price: $ 14.97


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Some quotes from happy owners of Wild Planet Hyper Dash:

My son got this for his birthday, we had just encountered the fires in Sourthern Ca and he wasn't able to run outside for a week, well this game took care of it inside a house. It was great!!! I tried it and laughed so hard and was so out of breath!!! I love this game!

[5] U-dance

U-daceChange your living room into a music-filled dance floor with Tiger Electronics' U-Dance motion-based dance game. Simply plug the console into your television, attach the wireless foot tags to your feet and get grooving.

This video game encourages your child to get off the couch and practice real dance moves like sweeps, jumps, slides, and crossovers without the need for a mat or any other game controller. There are three modes of dance-oriented game play for either one or two players.

Some might find it a little difficult in the begining, but as your child get going they will fast dominate the "dance" floor, 12 popular dance songs are included.

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Price: $ 68.32


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Some quotes from happy owners of U-dace:

This game rocks. It tracks your feet like magic--however you move, that's what you see on the screen. The dancing starts easy, and gets really tough on the hard levels. It really gets you dancing, even someone like me who can't dance at all.

[6] Fisher-Price Elmo Live

Fisher-Price Elmo LiveThe latest version of everyone's favorite Sesame Street figure Elmo is back, this time as a talking, singing and joke telling interactive Elmo Live! He features complex actions that give him a life-like quality: His mouth and head move while he talks, sings, and tells stories; he gestures with his arms, and he moves his legs. He even crosses his legs when he sits on the included stool.

The different between elmo and other so called talking toys is that Elmo don't just spout programmed phrases, but instead asks for interaction, and he responds as if your child is responding to him.

Children can activate the magic with a tickle or a squeeze of Elmo's foot, tummy, back or nose.

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Price: $ 64.87


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Some quotes from happy owners of Fisher-Price Elmo Live:

I just bought this for my 2 year old son for Christmas. There were several in the store and I let him play with him a little while we were there. As soon as Elmo started talking his face lit up. We're saving the one we bought for Christmas but my husband and I have played with him a little. The look on my baby's face alone made this toy worth every penny.

[7] EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles

EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth GogglesWho haven't seen somekind of film or action series where they uses some sort of Night Vision stealth goggles? Now you have the opportunity to gear up your kid like a real night spy, these super stealth goggles allow kids ages eight and older to see in absolute darkness using infrared illumination so they can explore the dark landscape around them.

Futuristic design and the durable plastic head-piece makes this a solid toy that can withstand some rough treatment. Soft rubber molding around the goggles and adjustable straps across the top and sides makes them comfortable and easy to wear.

Take covert operations to the dark side with this handheld unit that lets you see up to 20 feet in the dark.

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Price: $ 68.88


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Some quotes from happy owners of EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles:

This toy is awesome. I am an adult and I have never had so much fun. I ordered some for a camping trip and we had such a blast. I have never had a better hide and go seek game ever and it was so much fun just walking around seeing everything different.

[8] Fisher-Price Imaginext Spike the Ultra Dinosaur

Fisher-Price Imaginext Spike the Ultra DinosaurAnother great toy from Fisher Price that kids bring to life at the touch of a button! This remote-controlled dinosaur is rugged and curious, Spike has a quirky personality that will draw children ages three through 10 into an exciting world of their own imagining.

As soon as you turn him on, spikes on this long-necked dinosaur's back and tail light up, and he starts blinking his eyes.

Spike makes lots of fun sounds, too. He growls, he snorts , he roars and more he's Spike the ULTRA DINOSAUR! Spike stands 27 inches tall.

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Price: $ 129.88


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Some quotes from happy owners of Fisher-Price Imaginext Spike the Ultra Dinosaur:

Yes it's expensive, but my 4 yr old girl loves dinos. it is very interactive, it has a sense of humor and HUGE! if you have a dino loving kid and don't mind the cost, it's really a cool toy, also we don't live in an area that would stock a toy this pricey so ordering it online we saved and got an awesome toy. shouldn't be missed for dino lovers!

[9] WowWee Alive Lion Cub Plush Robotic Toy in Tan

WowWee Alive Lion Cub Plush Robotic Toy in TanAnother plush robotic toy is in the top 10, This time WowWee Alive Lion Cub Plush Robotic Toy with realistic looking fur is the toy to look for. Activate the Alive Cub's sensors when you pet him. He will open and close his eyes and mouth, just like a real cub! Realistic baby animal sounds.

Your cub responds to motion, turn him on his back and see how he responds. This includes adoption certificate.


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Price: $ 49.97


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Some quotes from happy owners of WowWee Alive Lion Cub Plush Robotic Toy in Tan:

This is a great toy, and my son is crazy about it. The unusual thing is that it is so life like and yet so cuddly at the same time. My son feels like he has a real pet, and there is no upkeep or feeding!

[10] Fisher-Price® Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX Ninja Ultimate Terrain Traction

Fisher-Price® Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX Ninja Ultimate Terrain TractionThis is the ultimate toy for any kid with the need for a little rush. With its ultimate terrain traction, twist grip throttle and sporty styling kids can experience the excitement of real ATV riding in their own backyard!

This is a toy that will take kids on a thrilling adventure! 12-volts of battery power allow for two speeds forward (2.5 and 5 mph, max.); plus reverse.

Get moving with aggressive, oversized 13 .5" tires and detailed shock covers. This radical riding toy features a "real" handlebar configuration and a battery charge indicator to let you know how much juice you have left.

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Price: $ 179.97


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Some quotes from happy owners of Fisher-Price® Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX Ninja Ultimate Terrain Traction:

My daughter really likes to drive it while we walk around the neighborhood. Arrived fast and in good condition, very satisfied.